Crafting the perfect prompt is both an art and a science – having the right formula makes it much easier to consistently generate quality images. This cheat sheet provides a simple template formulas for common prompt types to give your Midjourney creations more direction and purpose.

Follow the formulas by filling in the bracketed sections with descriptive words tailored to your vision. The formulas break prompts down into key elements like subject, style, lighting, perspective, and mood. Stick close to the templates first, then innovate on them later as you develop prompting mastery.

Refer back to these formulas when you need guidance kickstarting any type of prompt. They will rapidly improve your results. Now let’s dive in!

Landscape Prompt Formulas

A Bob Ross oil painting landscape of a vast canyon in the American Southwest, with a winding river, scattered cacti, and a cow skull, under a dramatic sunset sky casting oranges and purples

Portrait Prompt Formulas

  • A [style] portrait of [person’s name or fictional character name], with [facial expression], [distinctive facial features like freckles], wearing [clothing and accessories]
  • Photorealistic close-up portrait of [person or character] from [front/side/3/4 perspective], [framing like headshot or full body], lit with [natural lighting, studio setup like Rembrandt], [background blurred]
  • [Art style] portrait of [person], [depicted doing action], [camera angle], [detailed facial features], [clothing/costume], [background setting]

A glamour photography portrait of Marilyn Monroe, with red lipstick, curled blonde hair, wearing a white halter top, diamond earrings, against a soft blurred background

Still Life Prompt Formulas

  • An [art style] still life scene featuring [list out specific objects], with a [symmetrical/asymmetrical composition], [cool, warm, complementary color scheme], [front, side, or aerial lighting]
  • [Realism style from photorealistic to cartoon] still life with [objects], [soft studio lighting, hard shadows, chiaroscuro], [plain or detailed background], [straight-on, worm’s eye, or bird’s eye photo angle]
  • [Adjectives] still life, [metaphor describing mood]

A highly detailed baroque style still life featuring purple grapes, a cracked pocketwatch, old books, and a skull, with a complementary blue and orange color scheme, lit from the side by a beam of light

Architecture Prompt Formulas

  • [Architectural style] [building type] overlooking [surrounding natural or urban environment], with [ornate or minimalist features], under [sunrise, daylight, sunset, nighttime] lighting
  • Photorealistic 3D render of a [designed structure] made of [glass, steel, timber], incorporating [geometric patterns and shapes], [leading lines drawing the eye], [accent colors]
  • [Building], [architectural style mashup contrasting old and new], [element framing an interesting view]

Futuristic concert hall with a curved glass roof, hanging gardens, indoor waterfalls, and gleaming metal framework, at night with colorful accent lighting and the city glowing in the background

Animal Prompt Formulas

  • A [art style] painting of a [animal species], [in its native habitat interacting with environment], [background context], with [distinct patterns and coloration]
  • Close-up portrait of a [animal], [perspective highlighting features], with [gaze and expression describing emotion], [natural lighting and detailed fur, feathers, or scales]
  • A [adjective] [animal], [setting or circumstance], [composition and angle], [coloration]

Photorealistic eagle in flight over snow capped mountains, wings outstretched, gazing intently with fierce concentration, feathers ultra detailed, at sunset

Graphic Design Prompt Formulas

  • [Style like retro, minimalist, or modern] [design piece like logo, poster, advertisement] for [brand or company], incorporating [key visual elements], and using [bold color scheme]
  • Minimalist [type of icon] logo with [1-3 colors] on a clean [color] background, with [design motifs like lines or shapes]
  • [Adjectives describing tone] [design piece], [metaphor describing visual style], [simplified into core elements]

80s neon retro advertisement for a tennis shoe brand, incorporating palm trees, sunsets, and bold purple and pink gradients, with an illustrated tennis player character


To make prompt formulas as practical as possible, we’ve included lists of suggested descriptive words to insert into each bracket. These are meant to provide inspiration and jumpstart your descriptive vocabulary for what works.

Browse the word examples for each formula category. Try out different combinations that spark ideas. The words are intentionally broad starting points – build on them with your own personalized descriptions for precision prompts.

With these formulas and descriptive word banks, you’ll be prompt engineering like a master in no time. Have fun!


[Landscape type]: valley, mountains, forest, beach, canyon, wilderness, tundra, river, waterfall, desert, jungle, plains, swamp, glacier, volcano

[Artist or style]: impressionist, romantic, abstract, cubist, Hudson River School, Bob Ross, Van Gogh, Monet

[Time of day]: sunrise, morning, twilight, dusk, night, midnight

[Weather]: clear, foggy, misty, rainy, stormy, snowy, autumn colors

[Perspective]: aerial, sweeping panorama, wide vista, enclosed by trees, close-up, miniature tilt shift, cinematic


[Person]: your name, self-portrait, celebrity name, friend’s name

[Expression]: smiling, serious, laughing, pensive, angry, confused, focused, serene

[Distinctive features]: freckles, birthmarks, wrinkles, glasses, facial hair, eye color, big ears, acne, jewelry

[Clothing/accessories]: hat, sunglasses, jewelry, formal wear, casual t-shirt

[Background]: solid color, blurred, related to their occupation

Still Life

[Objects]: fruit, flowers, books, hourglass, crystals, pottery, candles, bottles, seashells

[Composition]: diagonal, framed, symmetrical, cluttered, minimal

[Color scheme]: complementary, triadic, pink and green, sepia, black and red

[Lighting]: Rembrandt, ring light, silhouette, chiaroscuro, spotlight


[Style]: gothic, art deco, modern, brutalist, futuristic, ancient Roman

[Type]: skyscraper, concert hall, cathedral, stadium, office lobby, home, library

[Environment]: coastline, forest, desert, cityscape, garden terrace, valley vista

[Features]: arched windows, domed roofs, marble columns, ornate doors

[Lighting]: sunrise, afternoon sun, neon signs at dusk, moonlight


[Species]: dog, cat, horse, eagle, elephant, fish, lion, tiger, fox, deer, owl, butterfly, turtle

[Habitat]: coral reef, dense jungle, snowy mountain, desert, grassy field, forest

[Context]: hunting, playing, sleeping, flying, swimming, walking through nature

[Patterns]: spots, stripes, swirls, color morphing from head to tail, iridescent scales

Graphic Design

[Style]: art deco, pop art, brutalist, futurist, psychedelic, hand-drawn, minimalist, retro

[Piece]: logo, poster, advertisement, website, magazine spread, album cover, branding

[Visual elements]: abstract shapes, dominant color, illustrated mascot, geometric patterns

[Bold color scheme]: contrasting, monochromatic, neon, pastels, jewel tones, natural hues