Here’s a detailed summary of the key topics discussed during our latest Midjourney office hours April 10th, 2024:

💬 Social Creation Features

Status: Currently beta testing with guides and moderators. The feedback has been generally positive, with users appreciating the new functionalities.

Future Rollout: Plans are set to allow super users to try this feature soon, starting with a limited number of group creation rooms in densely populated areas to ensure robustness under stress conditions. The goal is to enable all users to create their own spaces in a controlled, phased manner.

🚀 Development Challenges and Updates

Team Structure: Due to the team being divided into smaller focus groups working on various tasks, any disruptions (like illness or vacations) can delay our progress.

Model Personalization Update (Version 6.1): We are finalizing enhancements that will adjust the bot’s bias and improve the rendering of hands, bodies, text, and small pixel artifacts. This update is almost ready, following successful tuning phases.

⏩ Future Plans and Enhancements

Version 7 Updates: The development is progressing, albeit slower than anticipated. We are dedicated to enhancing the default aesthetic without compromising other functions. The expected performance boost with Version 7 is substantial.

Caption Party Event: Scheduled for next week, this event will engage the community with a fun and creative challenge involving captioning random images and then rating each other’s descriptions.

🧑‍💻 Technical and Community Insights

Video Generation Limitations: Our video generation capability has reached its current computational limits due to a shortage of suitable hardware. Nonetheless, our team is making progress, especially with anime-style videos which are less resource-intensive than photographic videos.

User Feedback Analysis: We have been analyzing feedback demographics, noting significant regional variations in feature requests and usage patterns. For instance, users in Asia have expressed a unique set of preferences for nudity compared to those in North America and Europe.