Great news for Midjourney subscribers who enjoy rating generated images – the platform has re-enabled the ability to earn free GPU hours by being a top image rater! By spending a few minutes each day thoughtfully rating images in the Midjourney gallery, you can not only help shape the future of the AI, but also potentially score some bonus fast GPU time to use on your own creations.

Here’s how it works: Each day, the 2000 users who rate the most images will be rewarded with 1 free hour of fast GPU time. This hour will be available for 30 days before expiring if unused. To participate, simply go to the midjourney site and click  “Rate Images” or directly at and start evaluating images, selecting the ones you find the most aesthetically pleasing, prompt-relevant, and creative.



Your ratings play an important role in training the Midjourney algorithms to understand human preferences and generate more appealing results. However, with great power comes great responsibility. Midjourney has implemented new bot detection and anti-abuse systems to ensure rating is done honestly by humans. Using automated programs or randomly mashing buttons to game the system may result in a ban, so take the time to provide quality assessments.

As an extra verification step, you may occasionally see an image with a red X and instructions not to click on it. Be sure to follow directions to confirm you’re human.


In addition to helping the AI evolve, browsing and rating images is a great way to discover new art styles, get inspired by creative prompts, and refine your own artistic tastes. Give it a try and see if you can earn some free GPU time while contributing to Midjourney!