Forget nostalgia! Remember how cool “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” was? Imagine creating something like that yourself, but with even more freedom. The line between real and imaginary is blurring, thanks to powerful tools like Midjourney.

Here’s the exciting part: You’re not just watching anymore. You can be a creator! This step-by-step guide will teach you exactly how to use Midjourney to craft stunning live-action/animation hybrid art. Want to see Mickey Mouse hanging out with LeBron James, or SpongeBob exploring the real world? With Midjourney, it’s just a few prompts away.

What is Live-Action/Animation Hybrid Style Art?


Forget fancy art terms! Remember how mind-blowing it was to see Roger Rabbit flirting with Jessica Rabbit in a real-life setting back in “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”?

That, my friend, is live-action/animation hybrid art, and the coolest part? You can create it yourself now! This genre isn’t new – it’s been blurring the lines between real and imaginary for decades.

Think back even further to the 1920s, where Walt Disney’s “Alice Comedies” used live-action footage of a young girl interacting with a cartoon wonderland.

Fast forward to the 1980s, and classics like “Back to the Future” used clever animation for special effects, like Doc Brown’s crazy DeLorean time machine. Even today, movies like “Mary Poppins Returns” seamlessly blend live-action with animation, bringing beloved cartoon characters to life on screen.

Beyond cinema, this genre has taken root in commercials, music videos, and even video games. Remember the dancing raisins from the California Raisins campaign? Live-action/animation hybrid! The Gorillaz music videos, with their unique blend of cartoon band members and real-life settings, are another great example.

This genre’s magic lies in its ability to make the impossible seem possible. It lets cartoon characters interact with our world, creating a sense of wonder and possibility.

Now, with the power of Midjourney in your hands, you’re not just a spectator – you’re the creator! This step-by-step guide will show you exactly how to use Midjourney to craft your own live-action/animation hybrid masterpieces. Imagine SpongeBob chilling on your favorite beach, or Mickey Mouse giving high fives to your favorite athlete. The possibilities are endless, and with Midjourney, they’re just a few prompts away and here’s how!

How To Create Your Own Live Action Animation Hybrid in Midjourney


Create the Live Action Character

Let’s dive into the exciting process of creating your character with Midjourney. Follow these steps to bring your character to life:


Imagine Your Character: Begin by envisioning the person you want to include in your scene. Consider their appearance, personality, and any unique traits they may have. Are they adventurous, quirky, or serious? This initial step will lay the foundation for your character’s creation.

For this example, I used an extremely simple prompt and created this character we can call Bryan.

“full body man, white background –v 6.0”

Describe Your Character to Midjourney: With a clear picture in mind, describe your character to Midjourney using words. Provide details such as hair color, eye color, facial features, clothing style, and any accessories they might wear. The more specific you are, the better Midjourney can bring your character to life.

Generate your Character: Prompt Midjourney to create your character as a photograph. Depending on the scene you intend to place your character in, consider whether you need a full-body shot or a headshot. After making any necessary tweaks, upscale your image and prepare to use it later. You will be using the image web link for future prompts.


Create the Animation Scene

  1. Imagine Your Scene Visualize where you want your character to be. It could be a city street, a forest, or a magical world. Think about the mood and feeling you want to create.
  2. Interact with the Scene Imagine how your character would move and act in this environment. Describe what they are doing in this scene.
  3. Prepare for Swapping Characters Remember that the character Midjourney creates will be replaced with your own character’s photo later. Focus on making a great scene, and don’t worry too much about the character’s appearance.


Placing Your Live Action Character into the Animated scene

After creating your animated or cartoon scene with characters, select the scene you prefer and upscale it. Then, use the “Vary (Region)” option and circle the character you want to replace with your own photograph character. Describe what the character should be doing in the scene, and include a reference to your photograph character using –cref and –sref.



In this case, I used the prompt “photograph of a man talking to the boy” then added – -cref (image link for Bryan) and –sref (image link for Bryan).


–cref is for character referencing

–sref is for style referencing.


I used the our photograph of Bryan as our link for both to make sure we were getting a “photograph” and not a illustration of our character Bryan.

These were my results. – Check it out! Its Bryan integrated into a cartoon world!



The same principle can be applied over and over with your same character to apply theme to different animated or cartoon scenes.


Here’s Bryan playing basketball with some wacky 3D characters. 




Or as Ricks bodyguard!


Keep in mind that this process is not perfect. As you can see above, I created a headshot of a girl and tried to integrate her into this carival scene where she is interacting with this boy. Even though I used “photograph” in the prompt and used the photo of the girl as the style reference, it still didn’t want to insert her as a real life person. 

Now that you’ve unlocked the secrets of crafting live-action/animation hybrids with Midjourney, the possibilities are truly limitless. This powerful tool empowers you to transcend the boundaries of traditional art forms and bring your wildest creative visions to life.

Remember, the best creations often emerge from experimentation and exploration. Don’t be afraid to push the limits, play with different prompts, and see what unexpected masterpieces emerge. Share your creations with the world, inspire others, and become a pioneer in this ever-evolving artistic landscape.