A playful use of perspective refers to an artistic technique where the traditional rules of perspective are intentionally distorted or manipulated to create visually engaging and imaginative compositions. This approach can involve exaggerating or distorting the scale, depth, or placement of objects within a scene to create a sense of whimsy, surprise, or surrealism.

In visual arts, such as painting, drawing, or photography, artists may employ techniques like forced perspective, where objects appear larger or smaller than they actually are, or skewed perspective, where angles are deliberately altered to create a sense of disorientation or ambiguity. Playful use of perspective can also involve unconventional viewpoints or vantage points, such as bird’s-eye or worm’s-eye views, to offer viewers a fresh and unexpected interpretation of familiar subjects.

In categorization, playful use of perspective falls within the broader category of “visual arts” or “artistic techniques,” reflecting its status as a creative approach employed by artists across various mediums to engage and captivate viewers. It is often associated with genres like surrealism, fantasy, and cartooning, where imaginative and unconventional perspectives are embraced as a means of expressing creativity and storytelling.