Opulent minimalism is an aesthetic style that blends elements of minimalism with luxurious or opulent touches. It combines the simplicity and clean lines of minimalism with rich materials, textures, and details typically associated with opulence. This fusion creates a sense of understated luxury and sophistication.

In terms of categorization, opulent minimalism can be considered a subcategory or fusion of two broader design styles: minimalism and opulence. Minimalism focuses on simplicity, functionality, and the reduction of unnecessary elements, while opulence emphasizes extravagance, richness, and abundance. Opulent minimalism bridges these two styles by incorporating luxurious elements in a restrained and refined manner.

In the realm of art and design, opulent minimalism can be applied to various forms, including interior design, fashion, architecture, and visual art. It offers a balance between restraint and indulgence, resulting in spaces or compositions that feel elegant, serene, and visually captivating.