Kodak 800 film refers to a type of color negative film produced by the Eastman Kodak Company. The “800” designation indicates the film’s sensitivity to light, specifically its ISO (International Organization for Standardization) rating. ISO 800 film is known as a high-speed or fast film, meaning it is more sensitive to light compared to lower ISO films.

Kodak 800 film is designed to be versatile and suitable for use in various lighting conditions, including low-light situations where a higher sensitivity to light is required. This makes it popular for indoor photography, evening or night photography, and situations where fast shutter speeds are necessary to capture action or minimize camera shake.

As with other color negative films, Kodak 800 film produces images with rich colors, moderate contrast, and fine grain when exposed and developed correctly. It is compatible with both 35mm film cameras and medium format cameras, providing photographers with flexibility in their choice of equipment.

Overall, Kodak 800 film is a reliable option for photographers seeking a high-speed color film that delivers consistent results in a wide range of shooting conditions. However, it’s worth noting that advancements in digital photography have led to a decline in the availability and popularity of traditional film formats like Kodak 800, with many photographers opting for digital alternatives for their convenience and flexibility.